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How Protective DNS Works

Understanding PDNS means knowing what DNS consists of. There are three primary layers involved in DNS:

  1. The recursive layer asks the DNS resolver where to go (domain or IP address, depending on whether a human or computer is asking).

  2. The authoritative layer provides the answer to get the requester to these locations.

  3. The root servers control top-level domains and hand off data.


The recursive layer asks if the requested IP address is okay to visit. If so, the authoritative layer provides the correct answer. If not, users are redirected to a page explaining the security risk and rationale, and can choose whether to proceed.
Download our white-paper to learn about the below topics:


  • The Threat Adversary Infrastructure


  • Why Organizations of Every Size Need PDNS

  • When You Do Not Have Protective DNS

  • What (the Right) Protective DNS Solution Provides


  • ZainTECH Protective DNS Vs. the Rest


  • The ZainTECH Portfolio


 Download the whitepaper

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