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Protect web apps anywhere

The healthcare sector has seen the greatest increase in web application
attacks relative to other industries. 

Detect and manage bots

Healthcare is second among all industries for moderate or advanced bad bot traffic

Mitigate any DDoS attack

DDoS attacks in the first half of 2023 were up 200% from all of 2022.

Strengthen DNS security

The IDC 2023 Threat Report showed 87% of healthcare organizations suffer DNS attacks costing an average of $995k.

Ensure great performance, reliable access

1 in 4 visitors leave a site that loads in 4+ seconds.

Download our solution sheet to learn about the below topics:


  • How to protect your digital assets and ensure reliable, high-performance access with ZainTECH


  • How to defend web applications and stop bad bots

  • Ensure Access and Prevent Threats from DDoS Attacks


  • Improve & Ensure Online Access and Protect Assets

  • Improve Network Security and Web Performance

 Download the whitepaper

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