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Urban myths, whether rooted in reality or fabricated entirely, have the power to change perception.


In software development, where the security of your applications relies on best practices and proven methodologies, such urban myths can perpetuate risk by making prevention and remediation seem cumbersome. In turn, common conundrums like securing open source code or properly managing cryptography feel like too much of a hassle.


Read on for six common urban myths about secure coding—and learn practical guidance for how to go about overcoming them.

  1. Open source code is more secure because there are “more eyes” on it.

  2. Fixing open source vulnerabilities requires a time-consuming refactoring of code.

  3. I can trust my favorite developer tools to keep my code secure and give me all the security features I need.

  4. Using more testing types will just lead to more findings and slow everything down, causing unnecessary headaches.

  5. PHP is a “dying language,” which means I don’t need to worry about understanding the risks.

  6. Cryptography is too hard to implement, so we can just leave it up to the security team.

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Now that you know six of the most common urban myths and their realities, where should you start?

Sharpening your secure coding skills through real-world training not only helps you prepare to catch and remediate flaws on the fly, but also trains you to write better code and prevent exploits altogether.


Veracode Security Labs is a hands-on training platform where you can exploit and patch real applications in contained environments to see how threat actors operate. That gets (and keeps) you one step ahead. In these interactive labs, you’re guided through with automatic progress checks and additional practice challenges to reinforce acquired skills.


You'll learn:

  • What not to do in the future when writing code.

  • How to quickly patch found flaws so that you can keep your projects moving forward.

  • How to prevent and remediate common issues in code quality, from injection flaws to cross- site scripting exploits, data privacy issues, and modern application weaknesses.


Even better:

Veracode Security Labs Community Edition is a complimentary version of the platform with courses ranging from beginner to advanced. Hit the ground running with these hands-on labs, gauging your progress in real time to keep track of your improvements in secure coding.


Download the whitepaper to learn more.

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