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AI revolutionizes how we empower organizations to defend against threats with speed, accuracy, and efficiency.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing our world. In the future, AI will be essential to cybersecurity and application security testing. Organizations require AI to secure assets that power their business. As cyber-attacks become more sophisticated and widespread and leverage AI, organizations will need to rely on AI-powered security solutions to protect their systems and data.


Organizations of all sizes will need to embrace the notion that software can and will change in every step of the software development lifecycle (SDLC). Having a comprehensive security approach that covers planning, design, build, integration, delivery, and production phases of the SDLC will be crucially important in every organization's defense against security risk.

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Hackers have embraced AI to unleash attacks on vulnerable software and will do so at an increasing rate in the future. A manual approach to software security will be untenable and organizations will need to embrace an automated security solution with the history and intelligence to identify and automatically remediate risk based on policy decisions.


This white paper will provide an overview of AI technologies, their implications on our future society and the guardrails associated with this technology. We will also discuss how AI is being used to detect and remediate application security risk on the frontlines against criminal and state-sponsored attackers who now have the tools at their disposal to unleash attacks on our most important business assets.


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