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Open for business or
open to attack?

The past year has brought lasting changes to how we live, work and socialize, resulting in companies needing to adapt their information management systems. Unfortunately, this has created many new opportunities for cybercrime to occur.  

As a network native digital services company, we understand these challenges, and we can help you to improve and secure your data journey. 


Our expert cybersecurity business unit at Orange Cyberdefense provides managed security, managed threat detection & response services, that we also embed into Orange Business Services’ solutions.


We believe strongly that technology alone is not a solution. It is the expertise and experience of our people that enables our deep understanding of the landscape in which we operate. 


Discover the results of their research and find out how to protect your business by downloading our Security Navigator Report 2021

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2020 was full of challenges and learnings. For example, home offices are now a permanent feature for many, and businesses have been forced to stay alert to cybercrime and the perils that come with it. 

This crisis has proven that digital freedom is not a given. Malicious players increasingly use new and old spaces as opportunities to cause disruption and commit extortion. 

Given its high level of sophistication and growing availability in the dark net, ransomeware is undoubtedly one of the most frequent and dangerous attacks today.  ​  


As breaches and compromises continue to grow it is commonly understood that cybercrime has become a major industry.  According to recent studies, the global cybercrime damages may hit $6 trillion.


Safety first. Protecting your business’ integrity against cybercrime.

Our latest insights will enable you to successfully navigate these unprecedented challenges

This guide will enable you to detect your real security weaknesses and discover how to protect your data from cyber threats.

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Reputation is paramount. Protecting your brand against cybercrime.

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Orange Cyberdefense 


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Security operations centres worldwide 




In top 200 managed security providers of 2020


About us

Orange Business Services is a network-native digital services company, and end-to-end communications and IT systems integrator.

Orange Cyberdefense is our entity dedicated to cybersecurity. Europe's leading provider of cybersecurity services, its mission is to protect freedom and build a safer digital society.

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