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Welcome to Intelligent Leadership® Online Academy (ILOA)

Empowering yourself and others, managing teams remotely, managing and leading change in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Chaotic, Ambiguous) world, solving problems with a multiplier effect are some of the "new-normal" leadership skills-- not of tomorrow anymore. Today.

ILOA is the future of leadership development, now!

ILOA creatively and masterfully equips your leaders and emerging leaders with both the winning "mindset" and inner core strength needed to spark, fuel, and grow their "new-normal" leadership capabilities.

ILOA delivers what is demanded of leaders today--Intelligent Leadership® Intelligently Delivered.

How does it work?

The way ILOA works is simple: after an initial orientation session, every week the participants follow these steps:

  1. Leaders watch a compelling 3 to 4-minute video delivered by John Mattone.

  2. They take-action during the week based on the lesson they’ve learned

  3. They log their insights and key learnings into the platform.

  4. They receive virtual coaching, via the platform, from a Certified Executive Coach

  5. They also receive 3x coaching sessions throughout the journey with the coach online: One at the start, one mid-journey and one at the end


The concept of ILOA is the future of development. The program is very relevant, time sensitive, cost effective, practical, scalable and action based. As importantly, participants are held accountable through gamification, progress reports and ILOA’s proprietary ROI (Return on Investment) Tool – LeaderWatch - a 360 survey that is completed at the start and at the end of the learning journey

What About the Results?

ILOA’s post-program ROI tool provides an accurate account of the value participants receive from the program.

The LeaderWatch Survey Tool allows three stakeholders to rate each participant’s progress and perceived improvement at the end of the program.

ILOA has already gained traction with clients like Dell, Goodwill, Swope Health, Florida Cancer Foundation, Evercare, M.S. Walker, Deloitte, Facebook, Instagram, World Education Services, and more.

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