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With Extreme Networks, You Can Have a Smart Network That Supports the High-Value Education Experience Today's College and University Students Require.

A Network for Modern Learning

Prime your institution for the best user experience with a flexible network supercharged with automation, data analytics, machine learning and powerful cloud management.

Visibility & Control

Armed with visibility and newfound control, IT staff become free to truly support users across the network whether they are instructors administering LMS or students submitting an assignment.

Education for IT

Relevant, affordable training on cutting-edge topics keeps you up-to-date and empowered to easily adopt and support new technologies and trends as they happen.

Cloud-Driven Networking for Education

The digital transformation of education is happening for many reasons. Innovations in education technology in both K-12 and higher education
are empowering educators
to deliver a more enriched, personalized, and engaging learning experience, with increased operational efficiency and at reduced cost to IT.

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