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Retail: A Dynamic and Constantly Evolving Space

The retail industry is constantly evolving. At a macro level, traditional brick and mortar retailers are reshaping their physical store footprints to reduce operational overhead and deliver personalized customer experiences.

Meanwhile, several native digital retail platforms are expanding into physical retail spaces. At the same time, digital transformation has drove the need to connect a heightened number of users, devices, applications, and IoT things in store environments. These changes have increased complexity, and with it, the demands of an organization’s networking solution and their supporting IT staff. How do retailers adapt to their business’ growing needs?

Why the Cloud and Why ExtremeCloud:

Cloud-based networking technologies fit the unique challenges of retail businesses and their environments. ExtremeCloud IQ leverages 4ths generation cloud heritage, delivering retailers with a F.A.S.T solution.

• Flexibility: right-sized for skills, scale, and business objectives

• Agility: speed and continuous delivery of new features and capabilities

• Security: proven protection in the most risk-sensitive environments

• Technology: access to best of breed technologies in the world

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