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Trust no-one 

The starting point for security 


Data powers business and it must be protected. It must be stored securely, conform to international standards and accessed only by the right people. It cannot be vulnerable to loss or misuse. If you start from a point of Zero Trust, you are building a secure and trusted foundation for your organisation’s most precious asset.


DriveLock’s scalable Zero Trust platform is based on the principle "never trust, always verify". Our security specialists work closely with you to understand what you and your business needs to achieve. There is no distinction between internal and external threats: it treats all devices, services and users equally and fundamentally distrusts them before they are verified. Zero Trust helps prevent data misuse or loss before it has a chance to impact your business.


From networks to applications, devices to data, and data in the Cloud, people to workloads and beyond, Zero Trust, supported by DriveLock expertise is at the heart of business enablement, allowing customers to interact, employees to work effectively and your company to flourish.  

To learn more download our eBook on Zero Trust

The traditional approach to Information Security has historically been perimeter based: build bigger walls!  It focuses on known factors, lists, signatures, and rules.


We still need these first lines of defence, but they are not infallible – especially in a digital business where there is no perimeter. If you build a bigger wall, the cyber-criminal will build a bigger ladder, or tunnel underneath.  If you don't train your employees, they will not be sensitive about Phishing mails, bad USBs or Data losses. By trusting no-one, you can prevent any invasion of your perimeter and build a solid foundation to develop a resilient and trusted framework for your business.

This may sound like a cynical attitude but with a Zero Trust approach, organisations can build a solid foundation on which to develop a resilient and trusted framework for business.


Companies must accept that vulnerabilities ARE going to open up and they need to be prepared by implementing not only a programme of anticipation, defence and prevention, but also response and resilience. 


Prevention is better than cure

While these breaches can occur at the hands of malicious outsiders, they can also happen due to human carelessness.


The recent COVID-19 pandemic has shone a light on the risks of a distributed workforce with a large number of devices and services to be protected: DriveLock’s Zero Trust platform treats every access, every application, every device with the same level of care whether internal or external.  


For a closer look at how to prevent and protect your sensitive Data, view our webinar, The role of Zero Trust

Stopping an attack before it does any harm should be your goal. That’s why having a continuous assessment of your security and compliance posture is key: you can be alerted to unknown assets and vulnerabilities so you can prioritise vulnerabilities to minimise your cyber risk.  


Monitoring and reporting from within the Zero Trust platform allows you to:  

  • Identify weaknesses in your environment  

  • Assess how critically the weaknesses are  

  • Have a high-level view of possible vulnerabilities  

For more information on Vulnerability Management, download our whitepaper 


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At a glance

Founded in 1999, we are one of the leading international specialists for IT and data security.  We have set ourselves the goal of reliably protecting corporate data, devices and systems. To achieve this, we rely on the latest technologies, experienced security experts and solutions based on the Zero Trust Model.  In today’s security architecture, zero trust means a paradigm shift according to the maxim “Never trust, always verify.”  

Our solution is Made in Germany and "without a Backdoor". 

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